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Crochet Single Stitch

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Crotchet  is needlework i.e the simple drawing of one loop through another, done with a hook. You can make a variety of beautiful things like table mats, shawls, sweaters, dresses etc. with Crochet.

Materials :

Hooks made of steel, plastic, aluminium and wood are available in different lengths and sizes. Steel hooks are usually used for cotton thread or fine wool work, plastic and aluminium hooks for wool, synthetics etc and wooden hooks for heavy wool (rug making).

Yarns and threads are available in a variety of materials like wool (light, medium and heavy), cotton , synthetic, jute and so on.

Gauge means the number of stitches and rows per inch. Gauge will be specified in the directions given in a particular design. When you do crocheting , it is important to maintain the gauge specified in the design to get the correct size of the article you are making.

To check the Gauge, make a  sample 3 or 4 inches square patch of the stitch given. Stitch using the specified hook and yarn. Then place the patch flat on the table and with a ruler measure the number of stitches and rows per inch.  For eg. Gauge= 4 stitches per inch. 
If your stitch number doesn't correspond to the Gauge given for the design, try out different size hooks i.e a larger hook if you have more stitches per inch or a smaller hook for less stitches per inch until the Gauge specified is obtained.

Method :

  1. Make a chain of 10 or 20 stitches (Chain stitch) for practicing. Insert hook under the two top threads of the second chain from hook, draw yarn through. There are now two loops on hook. 

  1. Yarn over hook and draw through the two loops (just like a chain stitch). One loop remain on hook . One single crochet is completed.

  1. For the next single crochet, Insert hook under the two top threads of the next chain and repeat. Continue in each chain remaining in the row. At the end of the row, chain1

  1. Turn work so reverse side is facing you. Insert hook under the two top threads of first single crochet.  Repeat step one through five. Continue working single crochet in this manner until you are familiar.


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