Saturday, November 25, 2017

Flower Basket


  • Felt Paper -Green and any dark shade
  • Card Board 
  • Satin Ribbon any two colours
  • Water Colour
  • Brush
  • Woolen Thread any two contrast colours
  • Sparkle
  • Thermocol
  • Marker
  • Fevicol (glue)
  • Scissors

Frame : Take a rectangular piece of cardboard and apply glue evenly on it. Stick the felt paper (any dark shade) on it neatly. Cut the satin ribbon into four small pieces and stick it on the corners as shown in the fig (2). 
Basket : Draw the shape of a basket with marker on a thermocol piece as shown in fig (3). Cut it out through the outline. Make designs with water colour on the basket. 
Flowers : Take a woolen thread and wind it five to six times around two fingers as shown in the picture (4). Tie the threads in the middle and cut off the ends of the windings on each side. Spread the threads and press with the hand firmly to get a shape of a flower. Mark the center of the flower with  sparkles.
Leaves : Take green felt paper and cut it in the shape of a leaf. 
Make around 15 flowers and 10 leaves. Apply glue on the flowers and leaves and arrange them on the basket tastefully.  Wind red satin ribbon over the handle of the basket. Stick the basket on the cardboard. Now your flower basket is ready. 

Click on the pictures to see an enlarged version

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Materials   Stick satin ribbon on four corners of the cardboard Draw a basket with marker 
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Apply water colour on it Wind the woolen cloth around two fingers Tie the woolen thread windings in the middle 
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Cut off the ends of the windings Press with hand firmly Flower
edit15.jpg (81597 bytes) edit9.jpg (74246 bytes) edit14.jpg (65052 bytes)
Arrange the leaves Apply sparkles on the center of the flower Wind satin ribbon on the handle of the basket
final.jpg (114541 bytes) last.jpg (85356 bytes)
Basket after arranging  Final Product