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Hanuman Badi Temple


Hanuman Badi Temple, dedicated to Lord Hanumanis situated in Aliganj in the out skirts of the city. Built by the Nawabs,  there are two temples for Hanuman in Aliganj, Hanuman Badi (old) and Hanuman Badi (New) both attracting many devotees especially during the 'Bara Mangal' festival. There is a story behind the establishment of this temple. It is said that Begum Rabiya of Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah, once had a dream that there is a grand statue of Hanumanji lying near a garden and that she should dig it out and kept in a temple. After she was blessed with a child, the Nawab thereafter immediately started excavating that place. To his utter surprise he found a statue of Hanuman Ji there. Nawab ordered that the statue be got established in a temple near Bara Imambara. While the statue was being taken, the elephant carrying it, stopped and sat down at a place in Aliganj. A number of efforts to stand up the elephant became futile. On the advice of a saint of the area, Begum ordered to establish the Hanuman ji at the same place. A temple was got constructed at this place and nearby plot of land was given for the upkeep of temple. This temple is now called new Hanuman Temple of Aliganj in Lucknow.

Devotees from all faiths visit this temple to worship the deity on a belief to get protection from all evils.

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