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Dudhwa National Park


Dudhwa National Park is located in Dudhwa, 238 km north of Lucknow. Designated as a National Park in 1977, it is very similar to the Corbett National Park. Spread over an area of 810 sq. km and bordering the Sarda River in the Terai, the park is is home to unusual animal species. This national park's star attraction is the Royal Bengal tiger. About 100 tigers are believed to still roam this region. The Indian rhino was also introduced here to save it from extinction. Leopards, elephants, sloth bears, gharial, crocodile, sambar, nilgai and spotted deer inhabit the thick forests.

Dudhwa National Park is bird lovers paradise. It has more than 400 species of migratory birds like egrets, cormorants, grey heron, ducks, geese , teal, woodpeckers, barbets, minivets, bulbuls, common kingfishers, bee eaters, orioles, drongos and hornbills, extraordinary variety of owls: great Indian horned owl, the brown fish owl, the dusky horned owl, scoops owl, jungle owlet, the brown wood owl and tawny fish owl. It has sal forest, tall savannah grasslands and large marshy areas watered by the Neora and Sohel rivers.

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