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Basant Panchami

Basant Panchami marks the beginning of spring season and it is celebrated at the end of winter in the month of January-February (on the fifth day of dark lunar days in Magh). On this day Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom, knowledge and intelligence was worshipped with fragrant flowers and sandalwood powder ,on a belief that it is on this day that Saraswathy was created by Lord Brahma. Goddess Saraswati also called as “Veena Vandini” and “Vani Dayyanni”, who is holding the musical instrument Veena and gives the art of music and speech to the people of this world. In ancient times on this day the students were given ‘Guru dakshina’ to their teachers in schools.

Gods also worship the Goddess for her grace in attaining their own skill in their religious dealings within themselves and with humans. It is said that on this day that Lord Krishna worshipped the Goddess and achieve the 16 arts. So on this day poetical symposiums, music festivals, art and craft seminars and dramas were conducted in many parts of the country . Lord Krishna describes Basant Panchami as a flowering season. During Basant, mustard fields looks very yellowish with its yellow flower, which make a loving atmosphere and encourage the spirit of the people. People of Ludhiana celebrate the festival by wearing yellow clothes suitable to the season, by dancing and singing, by holding feast and also by conducting kite flying, which is the major attraction of Basant Panchami , so numerous multi colored kites dot the skies on this day. Basant seems to be changing the hard cold climate into smoothness. This is a festival of delight when the farmers are rich with their yield. They cook yellow rice. The famous folk dance 'Bhangra’ of Punjab performed by the devotees on this festival.

Namdhari Sikhs celebrate Basant Panchmi as the birth day of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji, the founder of the Namdhari Khalsa Panth, who was born on the basant panchami day - Thursday, 3rd February of AD 1816. (Maghsudi 5, 1872 bikrami).

Basant Panchmi is celebrated not only by Hindu but also by large number of North Indian Muslims in Sufi dargahs of Hazrat to collect mustard flowers Nizamuddin at New Delhi .On Basant Panchmi some qawwals from Dargah visit a nearby Haryana village in the early morning then they offer them first on the tombs of many saints related to Nizamuddin Aulia’s order and then dyed their cloths into yellow colour and wearing yellow scarves, handkerchiefs, chadurs and caps, dancing to the tune of Basanti qawwalis and offer the mustard flowers on the graves seen there.

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