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Shri Ram Tirth Temple

Shri Ram Tirth Temple , dedicated to Lord Ram is situated 11 kms west of Amritsar on Amritsar Lopoke road. The temple dates back to the period of Ramayana and the place is famous for the ashram of sage Valmiki . It is the place where the sage gave shelter to Sita , wife of Rama when she was abandoned after the Lanka Victory. It was here that she gave birth to the twins Lav and Kush. The great epic Ramayana is also said to have been composed here by Rishi Balmik. It is also believed that the fight between Lord Ram Chandra’s forces and Lav and Kush had also taken place at Ram Tirth.

Ram Tirth Temple premise consists of a hut, where Sita Devi gave birth to her sons, a well with stairs, where she used to take her bath and an ancient tank, which is believed to be dug by Hanuman. Besides the Ram Tirth Temple, a number of temples are scattered in this area. The four day long annual fair of the Ram Tirth temple is held in the month of November on the full moon day.

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