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Ram Tirth Fair

Ram Tirth Fair is celebrated at the Ram Tirth Temple , which is situated 11 km west of Amritsar on Amritsar Lopoke road. This four to five day long annual fair, held on the full moon day in the month of November, is an important religious event of the city. During the fair, pilgrims visit the temple in the early morning of the Puranmashi (full moon night) and take a bathe in the sacred tank which is believed to have been dug by Hanuman. After that they circumambulate the thirty feet wide tank with the chanting mantras 'Ram Ram'.

A main attraction of the fair is the ceremony performed by women known as tulla toarna (meaning floating of tullas) which is held at puranmashi night. For this, lamps are made out of kneaded flour and fed with pure ghee or mustard oil. Reciting devotional songs and hymns, women light these lamps and release them to float in the tank by placing on leaf plates or boat shaped carriers made of sarkanda reeds. It is believed that this ritual will wash off all the sins

The fair at Ram Tirth is attended by a huge crowd, specially women as it is said that by visiting this fair the childless females are blessed to become fertile. Among the pilgrim there is a general belief that their visit of the fair would be complete only after giving contributions to beggars, lepers and crippled persons. Several cultural programs are also organized by different religious and social bodies.

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