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Bada Ganapati Temple

The magnificent Bada Ganapati Temple also known by the name Khajrana Temple, built in 1875 AD during the reign of Queen Ahilya Bai Holker, is renowned for its 8 meter high statue of Lord Ganesha decorated with metallic frames of gold, silver, copper, brass and iron. This statue is made out of various elements like limestone, bricks, jaggery, the powder of Pancha-ratna (five gemstones- diamond, emerald, pearls, rubies and topaz) , holy water from major pilgrimages, soil collected from seven moksha puris (Ayodhya, Mathura, Maya, Kashi, Kanchi, Avantika and Dwarka) and mud from stables of horse, elephant and cow. This famous pilgrim center is located at the western end of M.G.Road. Large number of devotees gathered here to get the darshan of Bada Ganapati, as he is believed to be the hinderer of all problems. Vinayaka Chathurdhi is celebrated here with much fervor. 

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