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Taj-Ul-Masjid literally means 'The Crown of Mosques' is one of the largest and most elegant mosques in India. Located adjacent to the Motia Talab, Taj Ul Masjid is a fine example of Mughal architecture that resembles the Jama Masjid in Delhi. The construction of the mosque was commenced by Sultan Shah Jahan Begum, Bhopal's eighth ruler (1868-1901), but the work was clogged on her death and also due to lack of fund. The construction could only resume in 1971 and was completed with the intervention of the Government of India.

The most striking feature of Taj Ul Masjid is its pink facade topped by two 18 storey high octagonal minarets with white marble domes. The mosque has an impressive main hall with attractive pillars and inter-arched roof, three huge bulbous domes, smooth marble flooring and a spacious courtyard with a tank in the centre. The main hall consists of 27 ceilings supported with impressive pillars, among which the16 ceilings are decorated with elaborate petalled designs. The main prayer hall is adorned with nine cusped multifold openings and the Quibla wall here is carved with eleven recessed arches with fine screens of trellis work.

The gateway of Taj Ul Masjid is double storied with four recessed archways. Earlier a three day 'Ijtima', a congregation of Muslims in India, were held here annually which draws huge crowd from all over the country. Now this festival was shifted to Ghasipura.

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