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Dhrupad Samaroh

Dhrupad, the ancient style of Hindustani classical music is a major heritage of Indian culture. The word Dhrupad is derived from two words namely Dhruva (the unwavering evening star that moves through our galaxy) and Pada (poetry). Dhrupad music is a form of devotional music originated from Samveda (chanted with vocal style called 'Chhanda' and 'Prabandha' which led to the emergence of Dhrupad).

Dhrupad Samaroh is one among the important event in Bhopal, that organizes various musical concerts of notable classical musicians. The vocal performance in the dhrupad style of Indian classical music induces a feeling of peace and reflection to the audience. Classical music lovers from different parts of the world gathered here to take part in Dhrupad Samaroh.

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