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Osho International Meditation Resort / Osho Ashram


Osho International Meditation Resort situated in the Koregaon Park of Pune at a distance of 4.5kms from city centreis one of the famous tourist attractions of Pune. Founded by Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain (Osho), the ashram offers various meditation courses. Osho is one of the famous mystic and spiritual teacher of India . He died in 1990 and his 'Samadhi' can be found in the ashram surrounded by impressive marble and glass. Sprawl over an area of about 28-acres, the resort consists of spiritual health club, saunas, massage center, beauty parlour, olympic-sized swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, bookshop etc ,which attracts thousands of foreigners. But they have to undergo the AIDS test, before they visit the Ashram. It is compulsory for the visitors to wear maroon robes for the day activities and white robes for the evening activities. The ashram does not provide any accommodation facilities. People with severe physical or mental problems and children below 12 years are not permitted to enter the ashram  and the children between twelve to eighteen years are permitted to enter only with their parents.

The Wall Street Journal described the resort as the “Spiritual Disneyland for disaffected First World yuppies”. Osho Multiversity -the world's largest institution, situated inside the complex offers meditation and personal development courses like esoteric sciences, creative arts, martial arts, Tantra, Meditative Therapies, the healing arts of East and West etc. Everyday Meditation Camps are conducted in the Osho Auditorium to experience and practice the meditation techniques of Osho such as Osho Dynamic Meditation (deep breathing, catharsis, grounding and centering, silence, and celebration), Osho Kundalini Meditation (vigorous shaking of the body, celebrative dance, and silent witnessing), Evening Meditation Meeting (High-energy dance) Nataraj, Nadabrahma, Mandala, Whirling, No Dimensions Meditation etc. These techniques are specifically designed for reducing stress and strain from the body. The beautiful landscaped garden, abundant flora, white marble pathways and black buildings give a peaceful atmosphere to the ashram.

The beautiful Nulla Park alias Osho Teerth founded by Shunyo Foundation is the nearby attraction. Sprawling an area of about five hectares, the park is arranged in the Japanese Zen Garden style and houses rock gardens, beautifully adorned wooden pathways, swimming lagoon and marvelous artificial waterfalls. The ashram open all days all through the year from 6 am to 9 am morning and from 4 pm to 7 pm in the evening. Entrance fee is Rs 40.

Osho International Meditation Resort
17 Koregaon Park, Pune 411 001
Tel.: +91 20-6601-9999
Fax: +91 20-6601-9990

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