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St. Mary's Church


St. Mary's Church alias the Mother Church of Deccan, situated on the Staveley Road, about 4.5kms from Pune is an oldest protestant church. The church was built in 1821 by Lieut. Nash of the East India Company's Engineers and was consecrated in 1825 by Bishop Reginald Heber, the Bishop of Calcutta. The church was built mainly for the spiritual needs of the British officers and soldiers and their families. The church is famous for its Gothic architectural design. Main attraction of the church is its 103 ft high tower. The tower at the west side of the church is surmounted by a mixture of lath and plaster. On the north and south of the tower one can found vestry and lamp room respectively on the ground floor, with a staircase on the south leading up to the gallery. The rare regimental flags, 8 cylindrical pillars with chuna plastering, and the bell brought from Kaira church are the other attractions. 

To commemorate Lieutenant Trotter, the stained glass worth about 200 pounds made in London was fitted at the altar and near the baptistery. Colonel Nasmyth, a superintendent of Trigonometrical Survey constructed the stained glass window over the communion table. The windows were designed by late Mr. R. G. Oxenham, Director of Public Construction. The north side window is decorated with Annunciation of the Virgin and Moses at the Burning Bush and one can found the translation of Elisha on the south side window and Our Lord in Majesty whilst beneath is Moses in prayer for victory over Amalek can be found in the middle window. To commemorate Brigadier-General Sewell the Baptistery window signifies Noah's sacrifice, the Israelites crossing the Red Sea and the Circumcision and Baptism. The Altar Cross of the church was presented by a lady in memory of her brother and the Lectern (reading stand) executed by a native boy under the superintendence of Colonel Finch was designed by a London firm. 

The church houses many memorials of sages and British soldiers. There are some stones and brasses that commemorate many noble names. One can found the mortal remains of the legendary writer of religious lyrics Sir Robert Grant, theGovernor of Mumbai, the remains of Sir Edward West, the Chief Justice of Supreme Court at Bombay and Knight Grand Cross of the Guelphs of Hanover, one of Her Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Councilors. In the interior of the church one can found a commemorative inscription in memory of Colonel William Morris, one of the brave survivors of the Battle of Balaclava. The interior of the Church is 97 feet Long and has the capacity to accommodate over 1000 worshippers. Everyday rituals are held in the church and the church still uses 130 years old pipe organs. The church is under the jurisdiction of Church of North India. 

Contact Address
St Mary's Church
Solapur Road, Solapur Bazar, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Phone: Office: 020-26361207

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