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Saras Baug


Saras Baug alias Saras Garden, situated about 3km away from Pune in the scenic background of Parvati Hills is a major landmark of the City. The garden got the name from the name of a bird called 'Saras'. Saras Baug was built on an island in the middle of a small lake by Nanasaheb Peshwa in the 18th century. Sprawl over an area of 25 acres, the garden consists of lush green lawns with blooming flowerbeds and well-designed fountains, which attracts lots of tourists from different parts of the world. The garden provides walking and jogging track for the people. It is a popular evening relaxation spot in Pune. Peshwa Udyan Zoo near to the garden houses variety of wild animals and also offers animal rides, boating, toy trains, giant wheel, slides and inflated bouncers for kids. Main attraction here is the Ganapati temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Built in 1774 by Peshwa Bajirao II on a small hillock, the temple offers an astounding view of the surrounding areas. Ganesha Utsav or Ganesha Chaturti held here for 9 days attracts lots of devotes from near and far. Other attraction is the Ganesh Murthi Museum with numerous Ganesh statues made of metal, wood, stone, ivory, and grains. 
The park opens from 6. 00 am - 9. 00pm on all days. Entrance is free. 

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