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The Church of Holy Name (Pavitra Naam Devalaya)


The church of The Holy Name alias Pavitra Naam Devalaya situated in Guruwar Peth, 2. 5kms from Pune is an Anglo-Catholic church, which reveals the glory of God. St John The Evangelist (SSJE) society took the initiative in constructing this church. The Bishop of Bombay, Rev George laid the foundation stone of the church in September 1883 and the construction was completed in December 1885. Built in the Basilica Gothic style with red bricks and stone, the church was designed by a person called “Bell” and hence got the name “Bell Tower”.

Main attraction of the church is its 130 feet high five storied Bell Tower (belfry). Built between 1883 and 1898, it is the Only Tower in South Asia with 8 bells. The bells brought from Laughingburg in UK are made by Tailor & Sons Co. in Lafbarro with carved words " Holy Name Of Jesus " on each. The sound of the ringing of the bells can be heard all around pune. The bells ring with several holy hymns, praises and prayers. During the national festivals the bells are rung to the tune of the Indian National Anthem and its echoes spreads the spirit of patriotism through the far ends of the city. The Bell Tower can be seen from a long distance and adds to the beauty and prosperity of the Church. The tower opens to the public on the eve of Christmas.

Another attraction of the church is the clock room on the fourth floor of the tower. One can reach the top of the tower through the stairs. The church has four altars. The main altar located in the east made in Plymouth of England is an exquisite blend of multi-colored Devonshire marble and a white alabaster stone. The ornate arches above the main altar postures St John’s Disc of Jesus and a brass eagle. The church has a chapel of the Holy Sacrament with beautiful wooden carvings behind the altar and a chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The other attractions of the church are the Episcopal Chair, the Credence Table (used in celebration of the Eucharist or the Last Supper) are the other attractions. Bishop Dyke Auckland inaugurated the parsonage on October 13, 1930. In the 1880s the Bishop of Bombay, Rev Dr Louis George initiate the parish hall, to serve as the office of his missionary centre. All the services of the church are conducted in Marathi. At present the Bombay Diocesan Trust Association managed the church.

Contact Address
The Church Of Holy Name (Cathedral), Church Road, Guruwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411042

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