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Museum of Arthropoda


Museum of Arthropoda alias museum of natural history is situated at Bajirao Road, near Prabhat Theatre. Mr. S. M. Ketkar established this museum in 1961 to display his wide collections of arthropods in his college days. The museum is one of its kinds in India, which exhibits different species of joint-legged arthropods like crabs, prawns, lobsters, beetles, worms, cockroaches etc. They are arranged here according to their classes like insects, crustaceans, Myriopoda and Arachnida etc. The main aim behind the construction of this museum is to create awareness of these important species to the visitors. The museum conducts research, educational programs, nature study tours, and short-term courses in entomology and biological competitions to educate their visitors. These programs give emphasis to the economic significance of the arthropods and educate about the key role played by these creatures in the field of medicine, agriculture and social life.

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