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Lal Mahal


Lal Mahal alias Red Palace is situated in the center of Pune at Shaniwar Peth, next to Shaniwar Wada. It was built with red bricks by Sahaji Bhonsale(Dadaji), in the year 1634 as a residence for his wife Jijabai and son Shivaji. Shivaji stayed in the palace for several years till he captured his first fort, Torna fort in 1643. Lal Mahal of Pune is said to be the place where Shivaji Maharaj defeated Shaistekhan, a Mughal invader by cutting his fingers.

Lal Mahal houses a large collection of marvelous pictures of Shivaji in different forms and also numerous relics belong to the 16th century. There is a beautiful structure showing Shivaji in his youth plowing with a golden plough with his mother Jijabai and Guru Dadoji Konddev looking at him. The main attractions of the palace are the four umbrellas on the terrace, statues of Jijabai and the beautiful Jijamata Garden, which has now been used as a leisure park for the kids. A fiber model of Raigad fort with horsemen and a huge map of Maharashtra indicating the forts of Shivaji are the other attractions. In 1998 Lal Mahal was renovated by the Pune Municipal Corporation.

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