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Deekshabhoomi situated in Ramdaspeth, about 5kms south-west of Nagpur city, is a sacred monument regarded as the pilgrimage center of Buddhists. Deeksha literally means acceptance of religion and hence Deekshabhoomi is regarded as the land where people get converted to Buddhism. The place has great significance in the life of Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar. It is said that to overcome discrimination against lower-caste and untouchable Hindus, Ambedkar along with his followers converted into Buddhism at this place on 14th October 1956. 

Deekshabhoomi houses a large Buddhist Stupa which was built by Ambedkar Smarak Samiti as a memorial to Dr. Ambedkar. Designed by famous architect Mr. Sheo Dan Mal, it took almost 23 years to complete this architectural marvel. Deeksha Stupa resembles the renowned heritage site, Sanchi Stupa and what make it different from Sanchi Stupa is the hollow from inside. Deeksha Stupa is the largest hollow stupa amongst all the Buddhist stupas in the world which was inaugurated on 18th December 2001 by the then President Dr. K.R. Narayanan. 

The whole structure of Deeksha Stupa was built with a premium quality marble imported from Dholpur. The 211 square feet hall of the stupa on the ground floor houses an idol of Buddha at the center, which was donated by Thai students studying in the University of Nagpur. It also contains a library and a photo exhibition displaying the events from the lives of both Gautama Buddha and Dr Ambedkar. The hollow dome, above the hall is surrounded by a veranda. The four large arc shaped entrance of the Deeksha Stupa are decorated with figures of Ashok Chakras (the symbol of Mauryan Emperor Ashok) and statues of lions, elephants and horses. The stupa is surrounded by a huge well laid garden and four fountain on all the four directions.

Deekshabhoomi and the garden is the venue for various festivals and exhibitions. Every year, Deekshabhoomi is being visiting by thousands of pilgrims, especially on 14th October on Asoka Vijaya Dashmi day.

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