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Sri Padmanabhaswami Temple

Thiruvananthapuram Sri.Padmanabhaswami Temple Sri.Padmanabhaswami Temple is one of the most famous Vaishnava temple in India and also the city's historical landmark. Located  inside the East Fort, the temple i a large complex with an impressive seven - story gopuram (tower). A blend of the Kerala and Dravidian style of architecture, this is  is a best example of south Indian architecture. The Padma Theertham, the holy tank outside, An 80-foot golden flag staff, Kulashekara mandapam and Navaratri Mandapam offer an elegant look to this shrine.

This richly sculptured structure of 260-year-old also famous  for its murals and carvings. Only Hindus are allowed inside the temple and they have rules of clothing even for male Hindus, who must enter wearing only a white dhoti. The temples is under the direct control of the erstwhile Travancore Royal Family. 

There are two annual festivals here - one in the month of Pankuni (Pisces-Meenam) March 15-April14, and the other in Aippasi (Tulaa-Libra) (Oct-Nov). Thousands of devotees witness this grand ceremony.

Phone : 0471-2450233
The temple opens from 04:15-05:15hrs, 06:45-07:30hrs, 08:30-10:30hrs, 11:30-12:00hrs, 17:15-19:30hrs. 

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