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Thiruvananthapuram City Facts


Previously known as Trivandrum, Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, is located at the south western tip of India. It's name is derived from 'Tiru Ananta Puram', literally meaning the abode of the Sacred serpent Ananta. A peaceful attractive city built on the low hills by the sea, it offers all modern facilities needed by a visitor, but has managed to retain most of the ambience, characteristic of Kerala such as the traditional wooden houses, narrow winding lanes, historic monuments, temples and its rich cultural heritage. Internationally renowned beaches like Kovalam,  palaces and temples make Thiruvananthapuram a much sought after tourist destination.


Area : 2408 Sq.Kms
Population : 32,34,707 (2001 census)
Season : September - April
STD Code : 0471
Rain Fall : 170 cm
Temperature : 20.0oC -  35.0oC
Literacy :89.36%