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Sree Gopala Krishna Temple

One of the oldest temple in Kerala with Santhanagopalakrishna as the presiding deity, the famous Sree Gopalakrishna temple lies at a distance of 12kms north of Kasargod in Kumbla. Believed to be 400 years old, this temple has been built in honour of Lord Krishna who had destroyed the demon Kamsha to the relief of mankind. The temple belongs to Bhakta family and the idol of the deity is seen holding a baby in the hands as if to be handed over to the devotee. Apart from the main deity, the temple also houses deities of Benne Krishna, Kalingamardana, Hanuman, Garuda and Mahaganapati.

The annual temple festival which last for 7 days is held during the month of January and this colourful event is attended by thousands of devotees from across the country. The major attraction of the festival is the folk opera Yakshagana, held during the festival nights.

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