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Kasargod City Facts


Kasargod, the 14th district of Kerala is renowned for its handloom and coir industry. It is one of the most enchanting districts bounded by the Western Ghats in the east and the Arabian sea in the west & blessed with water, forest and mineral resources. In ancient times, it was an important trade center and was known to Arabs by the name Harkwillia, a port city in the west coast of India. Earlier Kasargod was a part of South Kanara district of the Madras Presidency under the British, and after the states re-organisation in 1956, it became a part Malabar district and was later added to the Kannur district. On 24th May, 1984 Kasargod was formed as an independent district comprising the erstwhile Kasargod and Hosdurg Taluks. The place derived it name from the two Sanskrit words kaasaara (which means lake or pond) and kroda (which means a place where treasure is kept). As it was a part of Kanara, people of Kasargod speak Malayalam with the accent of other languages like Tulu, Kannada, Urdu and Konkani. Also known as the 'Land of Gods', Kasargod has a variety of distinct architectural style temples, churches and mosques. The town, renowned for its forts, beaches, hills, backwaters etc is the cradle of many colourful art forms and folk music of Kerala. As the land of Yakshagana and Theyyam, it is fast acquiring prominence in the tourist map of India.


Area : 1961  Sq.Kms.
Population : 12,03342 (2001 census)
Season : August to March
STD Code : 04994
Rain Fall : 344 cms (annual)
Temperature : Max 31.2oC -  Min23.6oC
Literacy : 79%