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Ananthapura Lake Temple

Ananthapura Lake Temple Situated at Kumbla, 12kms north east of Kasargod, Ananthapura Lake temple is the only lake temple in Kerala. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu (Ananthapadmanabha), this 9th century temple is considered to be the original abode ( Moolasthanam) of Vishnu and the idol of the deity is in sitting posture. The temple is positioned in the middle of a picturesque Ananthapura lake and its sanctum sanctorum can be reached by a foot-bridge built across the lake. The outer walls of the sanctorum have beautiful mural paintings depicting scenes from the vedas. On the north eastern corner of the lake there is a large cave with a small pit that holds water perennially.

A crocodile named 'Babia' is said to inhabit the lake which is supposed to be the guard of the temple and the interesting fact it that when one dies, another mysteriously takes its place. Every day after the ucchapooja (noon worship) , babia is fed with the prasad (a kind of gruel made of rice and jaggery) offered by the devotees to the deity. The annual festival is celebrated in the second fortnight of April. The temple is open to all devotees regardless of caste or creed.

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