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Shopping Areas

If shopping is on your mind then Rajkot is the place to be. The city is famous for its mirror work, Bandhani sarees, bead work, patch work, silk embroidery, jewellery market and watch parts. It is an important centre for brocade embroidery (zardozi), pearl fishing, hand printing and gold and silver jewellery. The silver engravings and ornaments which are prominent symbols of Gujarati art work are products of Rajkot- in short, Rajkot is the centre for silver ornaments. There are many small scale manufacturing industries in the city. Rajkot also excels in the field of furniture. Minakari furniture from Rajkot includes low slung chairs, Indian style sofa sets, chairs, centre tables and settees. The city offers visitors a chance to buy Gujarati handlooms and handicrafts famous the world over. One can also treat ones taste buds to a delightful array of tasty Gujarati sweets and snacks.

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