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Morvi is a city and municipality in Rajkot district situated on the river Machhu, 22kms from the sea and 96km from Rajkot. The must see at Morvi include Darbargarh, Mani Mandir, Wellingdon Secretariat, Suspension Bridge, Art Deco Palace etc.

Darbargarh - was the seat of Jadeja rulers of Rajkot and was built in 1791. It was built primarily out of locally available lime stone. The building sits on a high plateau overlooking the Aji river in the east. It houses two important temples- Hatkesh Temple and Haveli Temple. One can find exquisitely carved wooden houses and narrow streets in the area around Darbargarh.
Mani Mandir is a temple situated in the courtyard of Wellingdon Secretariat. The deities worshipped here are Laxmi-Narayan, Shiva, Mahakali, Ramachandraji and Radha Krishna. The temple structure is made out of Jaipur stone and has exquisitely carved arches, brackets, jalis, chhatris and shikhara. 
The Wellingdon Secretariat building is an example of the prowess of Rajput architecture. 
The Suspension Bridge is an engineering marvel and it showcases the scientific and technological temperament of the rulers of Morvi. It is 1.25m wide and 233m long and is built using European technology.
The Art Deco Palace is an example of the influence of last phase of art deco movement in Europe. The palace has six drawing rooms, six dining rooms and fourteen bedrooms. The subterranean bedrooms are decorated with murals and sea shells.

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