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Rani Rupmati's Mosque

Rani Rupmati's mosque is located on the northern side of the Ahmedabad city. The mosque was established by Sultan Mahmud Beghara and was named after his wife Rani Rupmati. The special features of this mosque are its impressive domes, carved galleries and tall minarates. The prayer hall consists of exquisite carvings. The three domes are duly supported by pillars and the one in the central position illuminates the mosque with natural light. Small domes located in the front, rear and at the centre rise in crescent like shape.The architecture of the mosque is a combination of both Hindu and Muslim styles. The minarates of the mosque were lost in earthquake. The tomb of Rani Rupmati is located next to the main mosque. Also located close to the mosque are the mosque of muhafiz Khan and Saiyad Usman Mausoleum.

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