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Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid is located in the centre of the old city beside the Mahatma Gandhi road and to the east of Teen Darwaza. It was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423 and is one of the biggest and oldest mosques of India. Jama Masjid combines the best of Hindu and Muslim styles of architecture and is built in yellow sandstone. The mosque has 260 pillars supporting 15 domes (cupolas) arranged symmetrically. It has entrances on three sides- west, south and north. The Muluk-Khana or Royal Gallery is the special feature of the mosque. It is a platform standing on pillars and enclosed upto the roof with beautiful stone work. The court has a large marble courtyard with a long rectangular ablution tank in the centre. The prayer hall of the mosque is a rectangular area with five symmetrical domes.

The central Mihrab (position indicating the direction of the Holy Mecca)of the mosque has inscriptions commemorating its completion in 1424 by Sultan Ahmed Shah I. The masjid also had tall minarates which were destroyed in an earthquake.

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