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Kite Festival

Kite Festival is a famous festival of Ahmedabad. It is celebrated on Makar Sankranti or January 14. The highlight of the festival is the kite flying competition which goes on till late in the evening. The festivities have now gained momentum as it has now become the International Kite Festival. The Gujarat State Tourism Corporation organizes the International Kite Festival every year and the venue of the event is usually either Sardar Patel Stadium or Police Stadium in Ahmedabad.

Kite Flying in India is not a mere sport or time pass, it is a tradition. Initially on Makar Sankranti, people of all ages would go out into the open and try their luck at flying kites made of kite paper. 'Patang ' is what kites are called in the local dialect. Kite flying has come a long way since, now, there are motorized, even fibre glass kites available.

The preparations for the Kite Festival starts a few days in advance. Participants ranging from international kite fliers to local enthusiasts prepare special kites and strings for this annual event.

The event begins at dawn and continues non-stop. Friends, neighbours and even total strangers vie with each other to gain supremacy by cutting each other's kite strings. Special mixture of glue and ground glass are used to cover the lines which are then rolled into reers known as firkees. Illuminated box kites, many of them strung on one line and known as tukkals is launched into the sky at night. These add splendour to the pitch dark skies.

Falvour is added to Kite flying on this day as special foods and delicacies are prepared to celebrate this occasion. People visit temples and distribute alms.

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