Thursday, October 21, 2021
Daman & Diu


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Among the places of interest in Diu, is the Fort of Diu which occupies a very prominent position. It is an expansive and imposing structure situated on the extreme coast of the island. The fort commands a magnificent view of the sea and its surrounding areas. Towards the west of the fort lies the town of Diu. A number of old cannons and collection of iron shells can be seen here. Near the Diu Fort, is the Panikotha fortress in the sea which can be reached by boat. At night it is lit up, giving an excellent view.

The Gangeshwar Temple is unique as it has Shivlingas which are washed by the sea. Located at the Jallandhar beach, there are many other attractions nearby. The two main churches are St. Paul's and St. Francis of Assisi.

The horseshoe shaped Nagoa Beach is one of the best in India. A tented camp offering a different style of accommodation has come up here. Water sports facilities are available and one can also enjoy a good swim.

The Somnath Temple is also only a short distance from here. It is a magnificent place of worship. The massive historic Diu (Praca de Diu) fort cum-castle built in 1535 impresses most of the visitors. It was the key position of the whole strategic complex which comprises the other forts-one at Gogola which was destroyed in 1896; the Passo Seco Fort at  about 8 Km from the city. This fort predates the Portuguese conquest. At Brancavara there were two other forts. One known as Barra now converted into a lighthouse, the second as Nagoa Fort built in 1773. Besides these forts, there is also a historical cathedral dedicated to St. Paul, a palace, Tad Fort, Old Fort and Nagoa Beach. Diu is a very popular and important tourist resort.