Terms of Play | Scoring | Kho-Kho

The game starts with the spin of the coin. Referee shall call both the captains for the spin of the coin. He shall instruct one of them to call the choice of the side of the coin and then declare the winner of the spin of the coin.

Any eight chasers shall sit on the square facing the side lanes in such a way that no adjacent chasers face the same side lane. The 9th active chaser shall stand in either of the rectangles to start that pursuit.

After the commencement of the turn, no chaser shall leave the square without getting 'Kho' or change the face of the square. If he does so, he commits a foul and repetition of the same will amount to misbehavior.

No part of the body of an active chaser shall touch the ground of the central lane or beyond it. An active chaser shall not cross the central lane from inside the posts. An active chaser shall take the direction to which he turns his shoulder line. When an active chaser, while going in a particular direction, turns his shoulder line through more than a right angle to the direction which he has already taken, it shall be a foul. 

A defender shall not touch a sitting chaser. If he does so, he shall be warned once. If he repeats the same, he shall be declared out. A defender shall be declared out, if he is touched by hand by an active chaser without violating any rule or if he goes out of limits. He shall be declared out by a short blow of the whistle.