Friday, December 9, 2022



The growth of industries is a recent phenomenon in Sikkim. The situation  where there was no industry is now changing and giving place to a number of industrial units. They produce such items  as fruit jams and juices, biscuits, other bakery products, beer, matches, washing soap, plastics, electric cables, barbed wires, watches, leather goods and industrial jewels. The tax free status of the state in term of income tax and other inducements  offered by Sikkim  have become good attractions for entrepreneurs from within the state and other parts of the country to set up industrial units. Hundreds of licenses have been issued to the small scale units on a permanent or temporary basis. Tiny cottage units have been received incentives and other benefits from the department of industries. 


The main exports from Sikkim are cardamom, oranges, tea, potatoes, apples, liquors, wines, handicrafts, canned fruit and timber. The trade in the past has mainly been with Tibet through the  passes  of Nathu La and Jelep La. When Chinese invaded these parts and sealed the borders the pattern of trade has turned to India.
Sikkim imports many consumer goods and manufactured goods  from other parts of India. Food grains,  Beverages, cloth, cosmetics, electrical  equipment, engineering goods, synthetic goods, chemical fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, medicines and drugs, surgical equipments, sanitary goods, hardware, paints ,Varnishes, machine tools etc are the important  articles imported by Sikkim.