Tuesday, December 6, 2022


Wild Life 

Mountain slopes, foot -hills and valley walls covered with a variety of dense growth  offer a natural habitat for many types of animals, birds and insects. About 500-600 species of birds and 631 species of butterflies alone are found in this small state. Orchids found in abundance attract several hundreds species of butterflies which can offer a lepidopterist a lifetime of work and delight. In forest surrounded valleys the butterflies are found inn swarming numbers .

The black and the dreaded brown bear are mostly found in forests located at heights ranging from 4,000 feet to 11,000 feet (1250 metres to 3453 metres) above sea level. Musk deer are quite common in areas with an average height of 9000feet (about 2800 meters). Tiger, leopard, sambar, barking deer, leopard cat, marbed cat, squirrel are mostly confined to warmer areas. Yak, panda, otter, goral, wild bear, ovis, nahura, bhyang-lung (wild sheep )and Vyang-gra (wild goat) are other animals that can be seen in Sikkim. Otter is much prized for the brocaded  fur caps worn by some Sikkimese. The tail-less mountain rats, rock Lizards and snow fox like predators are also found in high altitudes.

Numerous species of birds ranging from gigantic Imamergeyer to the miniscule flower pecker abound in the forests of Sikkim and are enough to make this land an Ornithologists paradise. Flamboyant pheasants, partridges, ducks, quails, teals, eagles, barbet, Himalayan cuckoo, Babblers and Thrushes are some of the birds found in Sikkim. The Tibetan black crow with rosy feet is also found in northern Sikkim. The bright red coloured Miniwet known as "Red King" in Nepal has also its habitat in Sikkim. Crap and Trout fish abound in the rivers and lakes of the state.