Wednesday, October 5, 2022


Mizoram was inhabited by the tribal groups of Tibeto-Burmese race. During the period 1750-1850 migrations led to settlements in the hills.

The tribal groups were governed under a hereditary chieftainship. The Lushais are the most predominant tribe besides a few others like Panei, Lakher, Chakma, Riang. Agriculture is the main occupation of this region. During the British period, Mizoram became a part of the territory of the British India in 1891 though the administration of the villages were left to the local chieftains.  The influence of the British also extended to conversion into Christianity. After independence of India, Mizoram continued to be part of Assam. In 1966 the Mizos resorted to the use of armed struggle to put forth their demands to set up a homeland. It was in 1986 that peace was established and Mizoram joined the main stream with the Indian Union.