Sunday, March 26, 2023
Jammu and Kashmir


Festivals in Jammu Province


The Lohri festival, marking the culmination of the cold season, is celebrated with zest every where. Children go from door to door to collect subscriptions for the community bonfires. When the fires are lit at night, the young and old gather round the flaming fires throwing parched grain, coins and other offerings into these with gusto. Gay dancing at the venues goes on for hours.


On the occasion of the Holi festival, Muslims and Sikhs join Hindus in spraying friends with pails of coloured water. This spring  festival, replete with revelry, last three days in the cities and villages.

During Navratri, Jammu is crowded with pilgrims on the way to or returning from the shrine. The city wears a festive look, with pilgrims carrying staves and wearing mauli (yellow and red thread) garlands and amulets.


Melas are held in the city and principal towns on Baisakhi or New year day. Bhangra and other dances rendered by troupes are enjoyed by the people.


This festival is celebrated by the people of Jammu. Processions are taken out - the centre of  attention being tableaux, presenting scenes from the Epic, Ramayana.


It is a three-day festival in Jammu and is celebrated with éclat at Purmandal, Billavar and Jhandi. The shrine of Shiv Khori is visited by pilgrims on this occasion.

Diwali is a gay occasion in the Province, as in rest of  India.


The Gurpurabs, especially Guru Ravi Das's birthday is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Jammu city. Public meetings follow Kirtans and Bhajans. 


It is an interesting festival observed in Bhadarwah and Kishtwar in the months of Chaitra (March-April). Springs and baulis receive a spring-cleaning and this is followed on the next day by worship of nagas (serpents), to whom rice and floral offerings are made. 

Samkrant or the beginning of a month (in Bikrami era) is regarded as a sacred day by Hindus. Women bathe in rivers and observe a day's fast.

Likewise, Guru Nanak's birthday, Navroz, Id, Buddha Jayanti , Mahavir Jayanti , Gandhi Jayanti and Christmas are also celebrated here as in other parts of the country, providing opportunities for the expression of good fellowship among various communities and castes.