Saturday, April 20, 2024



Shitali means cooling.This pranayama cools the system and hence the name. It can be practiced at any time, at any place and whenever necessary.

How to do :

  1. Sit straight on the floor. Open your mouth slightly, in such a way that the tip of your tongue should be closer to both lines of the teeth.
  2. Inhale fresh air slowly and steadily through and between the lines of the teeth with a medium speed. Inhaling should be in such a way that the incoming air touches the tongue all the way from the tip to the very base.
  3. When you have inhaled enough air, exhale through both nostrils at a medium speed.
  4. Again inhale through the mouth in the same way and continue this process for up to 5 rounds.

Restrictions :

Do not Practice more than ten rounds at a time.

While practicing Shitali for the first time, some practitioner would catch cold or get a sore throat. In such case it is better to stop further practice. 

Major Benefits :

It cools the whole body and the nervous system.  It will have a pacifying and relieving effect for various troubles such as headache, fever etc. It activates the liver and spleen, improve digestion and relieve thirst. Shitali pranayama is highly recommended as an immediate remedy for nervousness. 

Disclaimer : We are not responsible or liable for any injury or harm caused to the practitioner while practicing the asanas given here. Some asanas may be inappropriate under certain medical conditions. We suggest that you consult a qualified instructor.