Indian Wedding
Monday, November 23, 2020

Wedding Attire 

A wedding is an auspicious occasion when the attire demands keen attention, careful planning, elegant display because it is specially meant to make an individual look her /his best. During a modern wedding, appearance means gown almost everything. Today, the brides have a wide variety of bridal dresses to pick and choose from.

Before you choose your wedding dress analyse a few tips give below. 

  • Look at bridal magazines before you go shopping. Get a good idea of what is out there.

  • Shop with select friends or family who understand your personal style to avoid too many conflicting opinions.

  • Go to a reputable, full service salon. This will insure proper alterations and treatment of your wedding dress

  • Decide how formal or how casual your wedding will be before you choose a wedding dress

  • Set a budget, but remember to be flexible and understanding.

Indian wedding Attire

sherwanilehenga In different parts of India, brides wear different kinds of clothes, ornaments, and adornments. The bride's clothes are usually typical of the area. A Rajasthani bride would wear a lehenga, a Punjabi bride would wear a salwar-kameez or the kurta, salwar and odhni, and a Maharashtrian bride would wear a nine-yard saree. Most brides wear saris nowadays, usually in shades of red, pink or mustard but in different ways. A Gujarati bride will wear a saree in Gujarati style usually in red, white and gold; a Coorgie in their particular style and a Bengali usually white or onion pink with red and gold border in their own style and so on.

Most grooms in the north wear a shervani with a churidar pyjama, a bandha gala suit, or a western-style suit. Turbans are also very popular, for the groom and the important members of his entourage. In the South, grooms either wear the traditional veshti (dhoti) bride and jubba (kurta) or a three-piece suit. North Indian grooms set forth to their weddings  adorned with a sehera, a veil of flowers tied to the turban, to screen their faces from the evil eye.

  brideIn south India, flowers are an important adornment on the hair for the bride, while the north it is not so popular. In northern India applying Mehendi or decorating the bride's hand and feet with mehendi is a ritual done before the wedding. An auspicious day is set aside before the wedding date for this ritual. This ceremony is also mandatory among Muslims everywhere in India for their wedding.