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Reflect on the real beauty within you that radiates to everyone you see. Your Personal appeal begins with your view of  yourself, the pleasure and joy you take in being who you are. Take a fresh, new look at yourself right now. Get to know and appreciate that special person. Then learn how to tap your inner beauty to create a personal style

Skin - Total beauty begins with beautiful skin that is clean, fresh and glowing. To look gorgeous and graceful all that you have to do is spend little time every day for nourishing and caring for your skin. Know about skin types and textures, their problems and treatment, a skin care program including natural masks for the different types of skin, to maintain a soft, smooth and radiant complexion Read More...

Hair -  Hair  that is everything it should be - soft, shining, healthy and full of life... Taking care of your hair means keeping it clean and conditioned, choosing a style that compliments your and fits with the details of your beauty. Read about Hair types, its care - cleansing, conditioning (Henna), hair care tips (basic and herbal), hair problems and its cure, different hair styles, picture gallery of Hair do's    Read more...

Eye  -  A woman' eye are her best beauty asset. The skillful application of eye make up is an art. Admirers focus on  eyes that are alive, bright, and rich with splendid color. Learn about the basic shapes of eyes, their care and makeup    Read more...

Make up - Make up gives you an instant lift, a confident glow, and a vibrant energy. Cosmetics help you feel polished and put together; they let you define, highlight and enhance your best features. Read about the various cosmetics used for make up   Read more...

Pedicure, Manicure : You may not think of including your hand and feet in your regular beauty routine. After all they are not as visible as the rest of the body. But proper feet and hand care offers many benefits ..     Read more...

Tips Body care, Skin care, Eye care, Lip care and Hair care  more...

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