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Uttar Pradesh
Area    : 294,441Sq.Km
Capital : Lucknow 
Districts         : 70 
Language : Hindi 
Population : 199,812,341 (2011 census)
Literacy : 67.68% (2011 census)
State Bird : Sarus crane
State Animal : Swamp Deer
State Flower : Bhrahm Kalash
State Tree : Ashok
Renowned as the land of Ganges and Yamuna, Uttar Pradesh is considered to be the birth place of Hindusim. The state capital is Lucknow. UP is one the top tourst destinations in India, and it attracts a large number of visitors, both national and international.The fifth largest states in India and most populous state, Uttar Pradesh has the wealth of its monuments, mystical call of its mountains and lakes, and unique religious fervour. One of the seven wonders of world and the symbol of Love, Taj Mahal is situated here. The state has a strategic importance for Indian Defense as it touches Tibet and Nepal on the Northern Border of the country.


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Colourful Uttar Pradesh

The important Hindu festivals of Uttar Pradesh are Navaratri, Diwali, Shivaratri, Raksha Bandhan and Janmashtami

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Garlanded by the holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna, Uttar Pradesh is known for its ancient traditions. .....

Agra Allahabad
Varanasi Lucknow

About Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, spread over 55,673 is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir on north, Punjab on west and south-west, Haryana on south Uttaranchal on south -east and by Tibet on the east

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