Monday, November 28, 2022
Sheesham Bansal Aggarwal (Astrologer and healer), astrologer and healer, delhi -
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Sheesham Bansal Aggarwal (Astrologer and healer), mba
astrologer and healer
delhi, india

About Author

Sheesham Bansal Aggarwal has been pursuing this field since the past 7 years with a background in spirituality since childhood. She is clairvoyant and has psychic powers. she can sense lot of unseen events and things in the future, not only occult but she is also well read in mythologies like Egyptian, Greek etc. with her forte being in Hindu Mythology specially in Upanishads and Vedas. Apart from counseling, she also imparts this spiritual knowledge in the form of various courses. She has healed many people from several problems from chronic depression, to gangrene to hearing impairments.

She has learnt several international healings like Merlin trinity, Melkizetik method, Violet flame, Quantum healing etc.


Awarded with the ‘Best Reiki Healer’ Awarded by Canada Chapter Member of International Reiki Healing Foundation Dealing with Domestic as well as International Clientage like USA, East Asia, UK Part of various Spiritual Sects Writing several articles on Occult and Spirituality


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