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Is 4 really a bad number?

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Is 4 really a bad number? (Numerology)

Many a times itís been said that 4 is a bad number and bring adversities, which is not exactly the case. People possessing number four are very organized, methodical. They are very vigilant and alert. They believe in doing every work according to system and norm. 

But as they are systematic they believe the other person to be systematic as well. But that cannot be the case always, which leads to irritation and anger. So at times dealing with number four person becomes tough as they become imposing. And no matter how hard the other person tries. They cannot reach number 4ís standard of perfection.

One amazing thing in number 4 is dexterity. They have a gift of hand. They are wonderful in making objects from hands for examples pottery, stitching, embroidery etc. They are serious by nature and donít like much humor. 

The only negative with number four, they are too hard working and at times they have to slog a lot. They are so much in habit of working , they over do the work. They let go moments of pleasure to work. So in the spree to work they let go of all beautiful moments of life.

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