Monday, July 15, 2024
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Varsha Agarwal, -
Kolkata, India



 My Articles

1. How COVID Would Change the Way DevOps Professionals Function ( Computers )

Enhancing your skills is the need of the day.Almost all leading companies are looking for certified DevOps certified experts.

2. The CSM Certification Cheat Sheet for Beginners ( Computers )

Agile Scrum practices are popularly used as aids to deliver quicker time-cycles, instant face-to-face feedback, continuous iterations and learning, quick corrective actions supported by frequent testing.

3. Data Analysts Are In High Demand ( Career )

Data continues to grow, and because of its relevance and interpretation, it forms the basis of competitive edge in the industry.

4. Lean And Kanban Courses To Help You Shape Your Future ( Career )

Lean Kanban Training program is one of the most effective tools that help in reducing wasted time and increasing work productivity- WIP or work in progress.