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The CSM Certification Cheat Sheet for Beginners

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Agile Scrum practices are popularly used as aids to deliver quicker time-cycles, instant face-to-face feedback, continuous iterations and learning, quick corrective actions supported by frequent testing. The goal is to attain the required outcomes of more marketable products in team accepted deadlines of time using Agile tenets and Scrum principles. The Agile framework permits users to subdivide and achieve tasks from a large project into simple, uncomplicated processes. The versatile Scrum values may be used in numerous situations pertaining to personal, business, or team methods to reinforce Agile values and deliver the required outcome of sellable product releases thereby increasing productivity and Project value.

Studying the  CSM course and earning the  CSM cerification does more than making your resume look good.

Benefits of Certification:

- Certification validates the point that you are industry ready and have both the conceptual and practical skills required. It verifies your skills and tells the world you have the practical skills of an ace in your field.
- HR Managers and screening assessors of your resume treat certification as necessary validation for the job. Certification adds a professional touch to it.
- The process of certification allows you to touch base with new developments and revises what you have not practised on for ages
- Skills are your ultimate certification when it comes to the final PSM assessments where performance is the only consideration
- Certification may not provide a salary advantage. It can effectively help edge out others in the race and increase possibilities for you.

Scope and salaries:

The demand for CSM certified professionals is rising exponentially with nearly every enterprise aspiring to transition and become Scrum Agile. The Forbes Magazine reports that in the US the PSM/CSM certified IT professionals earn average salaries of an amazing 17,000$ more per annum compared to the median salary of other certified IT professionals. In India the salaries range from Rs 1,50,000/annum to 7,80,000/annum at Infosys,2000 Euros/month at Accenture and Rs 1,600,000/ annum at IBM according to

Scrum Master Training

The 3Cs of Scrum and Agile values are communication, collaboration, and contribution from concept to deployment stages of all team members. This is the ideal Scrum framework where self-organised stakeholders use the Scrum Agile practices to solve, test and correct their issues and achieve goals in team accepted deadlines.

As most of these skills are practical in nature and dependent on learning from working in teams, it is essential the Scrum Master undergoes practical training in Scrum practices before certification. The training also provides you with 14-16 each of PDUs/ SEUs which are mandatory for taking the exams.

The CSM certification is earned by scoring a minimum passing score of 69% in an online test. The aspirants for certification have to prove they have understood the basics, terminology, approaches and values enshrined in Scrum. They are required to demonstrate the application of techniques imbibed to organisations and teams, as well as good comprehension of the Agile processes and principles that underlie the Scrum framework. They are called upon to demonstrate a deep understanding and implementation of these to practical situations and calls for Scrum Agile mastery.
In parting, the CSM certification can put your career into forward drive. You need to start the ignition though by doing the course.

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