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1. Hydrocele ( Health )

2. Gout - Symptoms and Treatment ( Health )

Gout results from overload of uric acid crystals which are†formed and deposited in different tissues of joints, which leads to inflammation and Gouty Attacks.

3. Hypocalcemia - Low calcium levels in the body ( Health )

Hypocalcemia can be caused by increased loss of calcium from the body and decreased entry of calcium into the circulation.

4. The importance of Magnesium for human body functions ( Health )

Magnesium is essential for proper functioning of many systems in the human body.

5. Hypercalcemia ( Health )

When calcium levels in the blood are above the normal 9-11 mg/L level, the condition is called Hypercalcemia.

6. Calcium metabolism ( Health )

7. Water intoxication ( Health )

8. Water metabolism ( Health )

9. All You Should Know About Dehydration ( Health )

You can rectify the complications of dehydration or less water in your body by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.

10. Hypernatremia ( Health )

Hypernatremia is a condition where sodium concentration in the blood rises beyond a certain level and is caused by a decrease in total body water.

11. Hyponatremia (decreased serum sodium) ( Health )

12. Water and electrolyte metabolism ( Health )

Sodium and Potassium functions and requirements.

13. The Mechanics of Breathing ( Health )

14. Asbestosis ( Health )

15. Respiratory Failure, a life-threatening condition ( Health )

Respiratory Failure is a life-threatening condition

16. Silicosis - Lung fibrosis caused by inhalation of silica particles ( Health )

Silicosis is scarring or fibrosis of lung tissue, caused by inhalation of free silica particles in the atmosphere which may settle in the lungs causing inflammatory reaction.

17. Pulmonary Hypertension ( Health )

18. Exposure to allergens can cause Hypersensitivity Pnuemonitis ( Health )

Hypersensitivity pneumonitis or farmerís lung is an allergic condition where you may be allergic to inhaled dust particles, and cause alveoli or air sacs to become inflamed.

19. Pneumoconiosis ( or coal workerís lung disease) ( Health )

Long term exposure to coal dust causes scarring of the lung tissue of Coal miners. The condition is called Pneumoconiosis or black lung disease.

20. Pleural effusion ( Health )

21. Interstitial lung diseases ( Health )

The term interstitial lung diseases refer to a group of conditions which ultimately results in the progressive destruction of alveolar tissue in the lung.

22. Tuberculosis ( Health )

Tuberculosis or TB is one of the oldest diseases known to affect humans, caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis..

23. Pneumothorax ( Health )

24. Pulmonary Embolism ( Health )

25. Pleurisy ( Health )

26. Aspiration pneumonitis ( Health )

Aspiration pneumonitis occurs when foreign material enters the lower respiratory tract of an unconscious person.

27. Lung Abscess ( Health )

Abscesses are walled cavities filled with purulent material, occurring in any area of the body including the lung, as a complication of other conditions such as aspiration, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

28. Sarcoidosis ( Health )

Sarcoidosis is a chronic disease of unknown cause in which there is accumulation of inflammatory cells in various parts of the body.

29. Laryngitis ( Health )

30. Bronchiectasis ( Health )

31. Bronchitis ( Health )

32. Asthma ( Health )

33. Pneumonia - Symptoms, Causes & Treatment ( Health )

34. Asbestosis ( Health )

Asbestosis is lung disease related to exposure of the lung to inorganic dust particles.

35. Croup ( Health )

Croup is a disease that affects children between the age of 3 months and 3 years. Caused by a virus, it causes obstruction in breathing.

36. Pharyngitis ( Health )

37. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) ( Health )

38. Sinusitis ( Health )

Sinuses are air filled spaces that are present in the bones of the face, causing pain.