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1. Five books to look forward to in November 2018 ( Books )

2. Five books to look forward to in September 2018 ( Books )

September 2018, for all intents and purposes, will bring cheer to bibliophiles as, these offerings apart, there will be at least 35 books releasing in the month, covering subjects and themes as diverse as policy, polity, gender, domestic violence, festivals, terrorism and, of course, fiction.

3. Five books to look forward to in June 2018 ( Books )

Narrowed down from a list of over two dozen titles releasing this June 2018, here are the five books that evoke curiosity and may find many prospective readers.

4. Five books to look forward to in February 2018 ( Books )

After an exciting start to the New Year with releases of over 30 books across genres in January, the upcoming month is once again dotted with several interesting titles that may catch the attention of bibliophiles.

5. Five Books To Look Forward To In January 2018 ( Books )

After a significant year for publishing in India, the upcoming month of January in 2018 will set the literary mood for a new beginning. With a lot taking place simultaneously and options as diverse as ever, bookworms have quite a choice to make.

6. Five books to look forward to in November 2017 ( Books )

While October 2017 saw a diverse bookshelf, ranging from "Finding my Virginity," by Richard Branson to "The Bhojpuri Kitchen," by Pallavi Nigam Sahay, the upcoming November month is more about concrete titles by well-known faces.

7. Of peace and non-violence: This book takes Gandhi's lessons to the classroom ( Books )

"The Gandhi Experiment" authored by Margaret Hepworth, a noted Gandhian scholar and peace educator literally equips teachers and parents with tools and strategies for peace-building.

8. Bollywood diaries that never made it to bestseller list ( Books )

The writer takes a look at the memoirs and autobiographies of Bollywood celebrities

9. The book of horrors: Novelist weaves fictional account on domestic violence ( Books )

10. Five books to look forward to in June 2017 ( Books )

Promotions loom large, reviews are delayed and options are many -- How are you going to decide which book to buy and which to let go? Saket Suman gives his list of five book releases to look forward to..

11. Looking for the Rainbow: Ruskin Bond's tribute to his father ( Books )

Releasing on his 83rd birthday on May 19, timeless author Ruskin Bond takes readers back in time and lays bare the sheer joy that the then eight-year-old boy had with his father.

12. Royal nostalgia: Reminiscences of hunting expeditions ( Tourism )

At a time when hotels are largely adopting a modern outlook in terms of their decor and ambiance, these two historic lodges in Rajasthan stand tall as reminders of an era gone by, of Maharajas and their hunting expeditions and of solitude, synonymous with countryside.

13. Steeped In Luxury, Dubai Will Awe You In More Ways Than You Can Think Of! ( Tourism )

Dubai is all about thrills and adrenaline rush as its many architectural wonders, starting from the Burj Khalifa itself, keep you enchanted in some sort of a spell.

14. Dark and provocative, Taslima Nasrin's latest memoir a tribute to Kolkata ( Books )

One of the most controversial literary figures of contemporary times, Taslima Nasrin has always been forthright in her opinions,her latest memoir, "Exile", is a cumulative chronicle of her days in Kolkata