Monday, December 5, 2022
Venkatachari Jagannathan, Journalist, IANS, Chennai -
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Venkatachari Jagannathan, -
Journalist, IANS
Chennai, India



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1. Helping build brands in the digital space, the Google way ( Science & Technology )

As the threat looms of Gen Next terming existing brands as their "parents' brand" and seeking newer alternatives, older brands are increasingly seeking to reinforce and reinvent themselves in the digital space to remain alive, a senior official of Google Inc said.

2. Jayalalithaa: A shy actress who became Queen of Tamil Nadu (Obituary) ( News and Blogs )

She was a shy girl when she first stepped into the movie world. Decades later, when she was one of the most popular actors in Tamil, Jayalalithaa became a colossus in Tamil Nadu's politics, one who dreamt of playing a larger national role too.

3. India can be next USSR in producing Chess Grandmasters ( Sports )