Tuesday, August 16, 2022
Nishant Arora, Journalist, IANS, Delhi - webindia123.com
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Nishant Arora, -
Journalist, IANS
Delhi, India



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1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Beauty meets beast in premium segment (Mobile Phone Review) ( Science & Technology )

The 6.4-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 9 -- to be launched in India on August 22 -- has focused equally on performance as well as empowering users' expressions.

2. Honor 10: Premium look, more storage, optimum run, less cost (Mobile Phone Review) ( Science & Technology )

Chinese conglomerate Huawei has brought its acclaimed Honor 10 to India which turns out to be a value-for-money device with more storage, all-glass premium look and optimum performance at a lower cost than OnePlus 6.

3. Failures would bring AI-powered chatbots closer to humans ( Science & Technology )

As companies pin their hopes on chatbot and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, the big question the world is facing today is whether these neural machines would turn out to be friends or foes of the human race.

4. Galaxy Note 7 fiasco: Smartphone makers need to introspect (Tech Trend) ( Science & Technology )