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Q Sir, i want to become computer scientist... but i am not able to understand which course should i go for? please tell me in detail. Also if i have done btech in computer science then should i go for any of these career that is robotics, software engineer, networking, hardware engineer... ?
BY : MOHIT THAKUR , PINJORE | ON 4/29/2014 5:53:28 PM
Answered by Career Expert : Amit Kumar Dhar
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B. Tech. in computer science could surely be a good start. The B. Tech. courses, if studied carefully, would surely give you much necessary basics skills. Keep in mind that, you need skills in Mathematics and a logical sense to continue. Computer Science, like many other branches of Science has diversified a lot. Now computer science encompasses a wide range of branches starting from purely mathematical and logical to purely experimental. And for each of the branches the required/preferred skills can vary. If you are interested in more practical sides of Computer Science, like the fields you mentioned (robotics, networking, software engineering etc.), you need to focus more on the corresponding subjects during your undergraduate studies. If possible, it is always good to have done some projects on the relevant areas. For working in these fields, programming skills are a must, and you should try to learn as much as possible.

You can apply for a PhD position in India or abroad, after finishing B. Tech. Remember, that that there is always a competition for these positions and even though there are preliminary exams, the final decision is taken based on your application, for which you have to start working from your undergraduate. Even though courses play an important role, a good testimony for your skills will always be appreciated. There are few ways to build a good testimony for your skills, and the good thing is, now you can do all of it for free - online. To learn new things/languages, there are good quality courses offered online by sites like Udacity, Coursera, Codecademy, Khan Academy etc. For honing your programming skills there are sites like CodeChef, SPOJ etc. where you can practice as well as compete for coding competition. You can always take upon a project yourself and publish it upon completion on websites like GitHub. Moreover, there are lots of open-source projects going on, and you can participate in any of them. All of these will go on to build a strong and easily verifiable profile of your skills. This helps a lot to get your application accepted for PhD studentship. Other than this, attending good courses in your undergraduate also helps.

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