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Can Cloud Hosting Make Your E-Commerce Website 1000x Faster?

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Online shoppers are impatient. They are so eager for instant delivery of their package that they can even trust drones for this task!

Now, can you imagine that how long does a user wait for a page to load?

Well, according to statistics, most users donít even wait two seconds for a website to emerge! 2 Seconds!

40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

First impressions are crucial in the vast world of internet where you get brief attention spans to engage end-users. A faster website is the only way to achieve increased conversions and visitors to return to your page.

If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.

No wonder, a page slowdown of just 1 second could cost Amazon $1.6 billion in sales each year.

Why website speed matters?

You get only a few seconds to hook a customer. A visitor or customer makes instant judgment about your business, and website speed is the first thing s/he will experience after clicking your website. If your site loads fast, it is the first step to make your potential customer happy. Often, customers relate speed to professionalism, reliability, and trust.

A two-second delay in load time increases abandonment rates by 20%.

So, what is the solution? The Cloud might just be the answer to many of such problems, especially when it is to boost the speed of your e-commerce website. Let us understand how cloud for business can make your website faster.

What is cloud hosting and why it is faster?

A cloud hosting platform allocates the workload of a hosting client between several servers than letting a single server take care of all tasks. There are specialized servers in the cluster of cloud hosting servers to handle different functions separately, like file storage, database, email, control panel, and backups. This array of solutions increase performance significantly compared to conventional shared hosting solutions.

How cloud makes your e-commerce website faster?

Amongst various other benefits that come with cloud hosting, the one benefit that is of prime importance to e-commerce websites is faster load speed. With legions of graphic content, e-commerce websites can only breed on speed.

CDN (Costs Depends on Traffic)

CDNs, or Content Delivery Networks are cloud storage for static resource files, like images and scripts which are optimized to convey files to the user quicker than a typical web server. A CDN is intended to accelerate web page load time. If you have ever visited an e-commerce website where images take a few seconds to download - one by one, it is perhaps they are not using a CDN.

Had they been, images would be loaded instantly. This is partially because browsers are limited for how much data they can request in parallel for a single domain. As images are stored on a different domain in a CDN, the browser can download more items in parallel. In addition, in CDN the copies of the files are available on a file server more local to the user in contrast to one central server that hosts the website. This stark difference brings an astonishing difference in the speed of a website.

Integrated catching

In cloud computing, a cache is a storage layer of high-speed data which stores a subset of data so that the future request for the data is served up faster than it is possible by accessing the primary storage location of data. Catching allows the server to efficiently reuse previously computed data. The data in a cache is typically stored in fast access hardware, like RAM and reduce the requirement to access the underlying slower layer of storage.

Varnish cache, also known as caching HTTP reverse proxy is a web application accelerator which is typically used for high profile and high-traffic websites. It is really very fast and can speed up your website up to 1000x. It is a feature you get by putting your website in a cloud.

Instant scaling

Cloud computing enables you to scale up e-commerce application, CPU, and RAM at any time and without a reboot to the changing demand and scenarios of the market. It allows e-commerce websites to upscale or downscale the services according to the demand, traffic and seasonal spikes. Your business will increase and so would be fluctuating demands in peak season. Only a cloud hosting can make you ready to scale the business as it grows.

Prevents automated failover

Cloud comes as a savior to create a cloud-based recovery site which can be used if the primary data is damaged. So, if a hardware device falters, your website is automatically switched to another server without delays, downtime or worries.

When at least half of IT spending will be Cloud-based in 2018, it is dire need to join the revolution. Speed affects your user experience, search ranking, sales, and conversions. Cloud-based storage is no longer an industry buzzword as it has driven a transformation in how e-commerce applications and data will be accessed, stored and transacted online. It offers a myriad of ways for the end user to stay on the website, making them a potential customer.

The benefits of cloud are clear. So, what is holding you back? Join cloud and escalate your business.

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