Friday, August 12, 2022


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The Festival of Gardens

The biggest rose show in the country, also known as 'Rose Festival' is celebrated in the last week of February. Zakir Rose garden, the venue of the Rose festival, displays huge varieties of roses. The festival includes flower shows, performances of music and dance; both classical and folk, exhibitions by local artists, photographers and craftsman. This three-day festival is intended to encourage people to stroll through the Rose Garden and enjoy the sight of the blooms. Read more

Teej Festival

The annual Teej festival falling in August is the festival of monsoon celebrated by women. The Rock Garden becomes the centre of activity during this festival. Women accessories like bangles, mehndi and other makeup utilities are displayed here. More

The Mango festival
This festival is held in June at Pinjore Gardens, 20 Kms from Chandigarh. Mango-growers from all over India are invited to enter their prized fruits in the various competitions. Visitors can see and taste all the traditional varieties of the fruit as well as the latest hybrids from the agricultural universities. Agro and food industries processing mango, display their jams, pickles and canned fruits.

The Chrysanthemums Show
The Chrysanthemums Show is held at the Terraced Flower Garden in December. Competitions are held and hundreds of varieties of the flower are on display in the garden situated at Sector 33.

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