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Wheat, maize, paddy, vegetables are the major crops. The common source of irrigations are tube wells, though to some limited extent irrigation from wells is also practiced.


There are about 15 large scale and medium industrial units of which two are in the Public sector. More than 2500 units are registered under small scale sector. The products of small scale units includes re-rolling mill, steel fabrication, sanitary fittings, door fittings, electronic components and equipments, machine screws, bifurcated rivers, hard ware, electrical appliances including washing machines, plastic, shoes and other plastic products, cotton gunning, machine parts, insecticides, auto parts and sewing machine parts, soft drinks, utensils, paints and varnishes, radios and transistors, auto and domestic cables, thermometers, wire drawing and wire products, soap and chemicals, cement pipes and tiles, AAC and ACSR conductors, rice pouching, flour, dal and oil mills, cycle tubes and tyres, electrical  control and switches, tractor parts, rope ways, zinc sulphate, sodium silicate etc. The large and medium scale units comprise of hosiery, knitting machine needles, wool tops; single and polyphase, electric metres, artillery fuses, cable used for defense purposes, antibiotics, cycle free wheels, cycle rims, brakes, railway track equipments and cardboard industry.


Chandigarh exports Railway track material and imports watch components.

Animal Husbandry

Cattle and Buffaloes occupy a pivotal position in economic activities of the people of Chandigarh. Goats, sheep, pigs, bullocks etc are other livestock found in good numbers in this territory. They provide essential food of animal origins like nilh and meat. Livestock rearing is considered to be one of the important industry. The Animal husbandry department of Chandigarh is running three regular veterinary hospitals, one Ambulatory clinic and one disease diagnostic laboratory.

With a view to increase milk yielding of cows and buffaloes, artificial insemination centre along with six key village units has been established. Cross breeding of indigenous cattle with exotic Jersey and Holstein bulls has been undertaken on a large scale. This facility is being strengthened by establishing a frozen semen bank.


Main resources of fisheries in Chandigarh are Sukhna lake, escape channels, Rural and Urban ponds for successful fish culture programme. A government fish seed farm was constructed to stock the fish seed in Sukhna lake.