Friday, August 19, 2022



Industrially, the state has made rapid strides  and there has been a great deal of diversification, although  the traditional industries like hides and skins  which have a major  export  angle, continue to occupy  their important  place, besides the exports of tanned hides and skins and of leather products, form the  traditional shoes to fancy products, the state also export tea, coffee, spices, textiles and yarn engineering goods. Black granites  and other products including handicraft articles.

The state has a flourishing centre of cottage industries. Mats made of coir, screw pine, palm and coconut leaves are mucKanchipuram Sareeh in demand. Some industries is known for manufacture of musical instruments of jack wood,  like the veena, tamburu, violin, mridangam  and kanjara. A number of engineering units engaged in the production of chemicals like fertilizers, insecticides etc. In  the field of oil refining, besides petrol, diesel, kerosene and cooking products, a  number of other bye-products  are also manufactured.

Handloom is very important as a cottage industry. Silk sarees of Kancheepuram are famous all over  India. Cottage units produce cotton sarees, dhoties, towels and lungies.